If you are unemployed or laid off

  1. Register as a job seeker via TE Office: www.te-palvelut.fi. This should be done on your first unemployment day at the latest.
  2. After two weeks unemployment, apply for allowance via Erko eService
  3. Fill the application carefully and include all attachments specified in the application.
  4. If you are laid off, fill the application for full calendar weeks, even if your lay off starts or ends midweek.
  5. Send a revised tax card for social benefits to Erko. This can be ordered from vero.fi. If the fund uses your regular tax card for salary, the tax rate is at least 25 %.
  6. Fill follow-up applications in periods of four weeks or a month. The last application can be filled for a shorter period.
  7. Use eServices for all contacts with the fund. Phone services are limited.

More information in English regarding unemployment allowance and applications can be found online at www.tyj.fi/en.