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If you are unemployed or laid off

Register as a job seeker via TE Office: www.te-palvelut.fi. This should be done on your first unemployment day at the latest. After two weeks unemployment, apply for allowance via Erko eService Fill the application carefully and include all attachments specified in the application. If you are laid off, fill the application for full calendar weeks, …

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Unemployment Fund Erko prepares for increased applications

The members of Erko are affected by prevailing exceptional circumstances. This means increased lay-offs and unemployment. By 7.4.2020 Erko has received over 3 000 statements of unemployment from TE offices. This is a tenfold increase compared to normal circumstances. In March, processing time for new claims was around 9 days. Unfortunately processing times will be longer …

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Talentia’s Ethical Guidelines are now available in English

Talentia’s publication “Work, values and ethics – Ethical guidelines for social welfare professionals” is now available in English. The publication cites many topical examples relating to ethical behaviour, advocacy, and the rights of employees. Its purpose is to raise issues without providing comprehensive responses to the manifold situations of the world of work. The aim …

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