Resigning from the Union

If you want to terminate your membership in Talentia, its member associations and the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees ERKO, you must give a written notice, for example by email. You cannot resign from the Union simply by ceasing your membership fee payments. Member associations and the unemployment fund will be notified of your resignation through Talentia. It is also possible to resign from Talentia but keep the Erko Unemployment Fund membership.

Send your resignation notice by email to the following address:

You cannot resign retroactively and membership fees are payable until the day of resignation. Please note that if your employer withholds the membership fee from your pay by letter of attorney, the fee is always paid for the entire month. The turn of the month is therefore the best time to resign. If you pay the membership fee yourself, we will send you a payment reference number that you can use for your payments until the resignation date.

A resignation notice must include the following information:

  • Name, address, and date of birth or membership number (indicated on your membership card or membership fee invoice),
  • An indication that you wish to resign from Talentia and whether you also wish to resign from the Unemployment Fund Erko,
  • Date of resignation, which cannot be earlier than the date of the email, and
  • Reason for your resignation (optional) so that we can develop our activities.

Remember to inform your employer/payroll department that you wish to cancel the authorisation to withhold your membership fee from your pay.

If you are changing to another trade union and/or unemployment fund, you must join the new union within one month from resigning in order for your unemployment fund membership to remain uninterrupted and to not lose accrued time of employment. In these situations we recommend you join the new trade union and/or unemployment fund first and authorize them to let your previous trade union know you are resigning. This protects you from losing your accrued time of employment.