Talentia’s membership fee 

Talentia’s membership fee consists of a share for Talentia, a share for the central organisation AKAVA, a share for the member associations (regional and professional), a share for the ERKO unemployment fund, the legal expenses and liability insurance Talentia has for its members as well as the accident and travel insurance for leisure travel.

A trade union membership fee is tax-deductible.

For an employed person the membership fee of Talentia is 1,35 % of all gross earnings, including holiday compensation and holiday bonuses, but never more than 45 euros per month.

For those not working (unemployed, on maternity leave, in military service etc.), the fee is 6 euros a month.

Talentia’s membership is free of charge for student members who have not yet joined the unemployment fund. After joining the unemployment fund the membership fee is 1,35 % of all gross earnings, but never more than 45 euros per month.

For a member working abroad the membership fee is 1,35 % of all gross earnings when the employer is Finnish, and 6 euros per month when the employer is not Finnish.

The membership fee for a self-employed member is 10 euros a month if the member does not belong to the unemployment fund.

The fee for dual membership is 120 euros per calendar year. Dual membership means that a person is a full member of another trade union affiliated to AKAVA and also wants to belong to Talentia.

You can pay the membership fee yourself or easily authorise your employer to deduct it automatically from your salary. You can authorise your employer to do this by filling out this form and giving it to your employer.

In matters concerning membership fees, please contact Talentia’s membership secretaries tel. 09 3158 5530 or jasensihteerit@talentia.fi