Wage recommendations

When applying for a post you should present a salary requirement. In the enclosed recommendations, the lowest salary for each post refers to the starting salary for someone entering the post. It does not include allowances for work experience or other allowances, such as evening, night and weekend pay. Talentia’s wage recommendations are based on actual “market prices”, meaning that it is perfectly possible to obtain the recommended salary.

Social worker / responsible social worker or school social worker / responsible school social worker

  • basic functions 3,800 € / month, demanding functions 4,000 € / month
  • very demanding functions 4,200 € / month  (e.g. requiring a specialised higher degree or post-graduate degree)

Senior or responsible social worker with supervisory duties or senior school social worker with supervisory duties

  • 4,500 € / month

Regional or service unit directors (including directors of children’s homes, old people’s homes or other residential homes)

  • Requiring a higher education degree: 3,900 € / month
  • In addition to the size of the unit, the salary requirement will be based on e.g. the extent and content of the responsibilities, the provision of specialised services, and other aspects of the task.

Director of social services department

At least in line with the remunerations of municipal board members. Also to be considered are the size of the unit to be managed and the extent of the responsibilities.

Demanding professional functions in social services

Social instructor, family worker, responsible instructor/advisor without supervisory duties, instructor/advisor in a children’s home, home for the mentally handicapped etc.

  • if specialised competence or supplementary or specialised training is required: 3,000 € / month
  • in other cases: 3,400 € / month

Responsible instructor/advisor or social instructor preparing or making decisions: 3,400 € / month

Kindergarten teacher 3,000 € / month

Kindergarten teacher with training in social pedagogy 3,200 € / month

Family day-care management and supervisory functions 3,900 € / month

Fee recommendations

See Akava’s fee recommendations:  http://www.akava.fi/tyoelama/tyossa/palkat/palkkiosuositukset

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