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World Social Work Day


World Social Work Day is initiated by the International Federation of Social Workers - IFSW ( and celebrated worldwide each year on the third Tuesday of March, thus this year we celebrate on the 19th of March.


The purpose of The World Social Work Day is to give recognition to and raise awareness on the effects of social work. Union for Professional Social Workers Talentia encourages professionals in the field of social work to take a moment to celebrate the global efforts to promote social and economic equality and to ensure human rights and dignity to all.


WSWD 2013 in Finland


IFSW encourages professionals in the field to celebrate the day under the theme of "Promoting Social and Economical Equalities". In addition to that, Talentia has activated social work professionals to take part in the public debate in Finland on social services being an investment, not just an expense.


Preventive social services are social investments


Talentia sees the World Social Work Day (WSWD) a great opportunity to raise awareness on the impacts of social work and especially preventive social work. Talentia launched a communication campaign on the theme of “Social Investments” in 2012 (campaign website in Finnish: and continues to convey the message to political decision makers and the media to get this message through: In a long run preventive social services are more economical than corrective, reactive social work. If problems are not detected early or prevented by providing services that support the well-being of people and empower people to help themselves, the impacts are more wide and severe and the expenses exponential. Escalated social problems multiply the cost of social work and remarkably add costs in other sectors such as education and health care.


Social Work Professionals should be prominent figures in our society


On the World Social Work Day Talentia wants to remind that social work professionals are in a critical role in the Finnish society and their expertise should be acknowledged and used more extensively in political decision making as well as decision making on a municipality and community level.


Talentia's mission is to educate and encourage professionals in social work to take a more active role in making change in our society. They have the expertise – the knowledge, the experience and a broad understanding of the impacts of neglected social problems. What seems to lack, is the courage and confidence to speak out and object plans and political actions that increase social and economic inequality.


Celebrations at workplaces


To celebrate World Social Work Day Talentia offers coffee and cake to professionals in over 300 workplaces all over Finland – to bring colleagues together and to allow them a moment to reflect the effects of their work, and to discuss how their work can be seen as an investment, not just an expense. We have encouraged them to invite also local media and decision makers to join the celebration and conversation.


Publicity for the cause


Talentia's members are informed and activated to celebrate the day through letters, Talentia's magazine, website, newsletter and social media channels. Talentia will publish a press release and use Twitter and Facebook to share information about the WSWD and to draw attention to the importance of resourcing social work adequately and seeing social services as an investment. We also hope that as many as possible would take this day as an opportunity to share their thoughts with local decision makers and media - over a cup of coffee and WSWD cake!


Celebrations in Social Media/Web


We have asked people to post photos and greetings of the WSWD celebrations to Talentia's Facebook-page:

We have also made and shared some existing electronic materials to our website and social media channels, so that people can easily spread the message of WSWD.


One can

  • send an e-card (in Finnish) to tell friends, family, colleagues, decision makers and media about WSWD:
  • change profile and/or background picture in their Social Media profiles to linked images of WSWD:

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